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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:12:02 -0800 (PST) From: jeff stapleton Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard/Adventures at Hamilton U 3 Adventures at Hamilton U Part 3 By M.J. Blackheart As I pulled in beside the blue convertable Vet I noticed it was full of boxes in the back and passanger seat. The black top was down and I noticed the black leather interior. I also noticed that it was the same car that had gone by while I was taking Rob to Bert's to pick up his car. MMM, I thought as I looked at the car, minus the driver, but I thought that there was a good chance I would run into the driver, strike up a conversation, make a friend that if all went well I might even be able to seduce and have a dream come true. For several minutes I sat there in my Pontiac and looked at the vet with visions of the driver I had seen, still wearing his black hat and wrap around glasses (hey that's what he had when I saw him) down between my knees sucking my cock. Then I heard a clock BONG and woke up out of the day dream. I knew what clock had BONGED. It was the large clock tower in the center of campus that topped the administrations building, the very building I should have been in just then. I quickly reached into the back and grabbed my back pack, then jumped out of the car and slambed my door. I ran Lolita Nymphet Pics as fast as I could to the side walk lining the parking lot and then sprinted from the long concrete onto a brick walk that lead to the center of campus. I ran between large over hanging Elms and Oaks, past green and Iron benches and manicured stretches of lawn cluttered with statues and floral displays (Roses being the the most visable to me, (though I didn't stop to smell them). I ran past several granit fronted buildings with large granit stoops leading to large double wooden doors(hightly carved with the Hamilton U crest) Above each door carved into the stone was names like Ben Franklin Hall of Science, Madison Hall, Monroe Hall, Adams Hall (All famous founders of our country, but I didn't have time to notice there was no Jefferson Hall). I began to have a stitch in my side and my bag strap cut into my right shoulder as Alexander Hamilton Administrations appeared before me, and it looked very much like Independance Hall in Philidelphia not a hundred miles away. I ran up the steps. Through the large double doors and my footfalls echoed as the fell on the marble tiles as I ran through the cavernous foyer, through an arch leading under a double set of iron stair cases leading to offices on the second level, and then down a narrow hall. I began to pant and sweat. I moped my blond locks out of my face as I stopped at the far end of the hall in front of another double door. On a wooden Easle to the left of the doors was written on a large cardboard card embossed and stamped with the university seal Welcome to all newly arriving students. Oriantation, and then the time. I looked at the sign and then to my watch. I was not five, but ten minutes late, and I could hear a voice drooning on inside. I stepped up the the door, turned the brass knob and slipped in. This room was semi-circular, myself being at the center of the arch. Infront of me was an isle sloping down at a gentle angle. To each side of the isle was a stair Lolita Nymphet Pics stepping curved section of wooden benches (all full of kids my age, both boys and girls, and all atractive). The walls where covered with a a forest green fabric that looked like silk, the windows in the room where also draped in the same fabric. in the upper corners connecting the walls to the white plaster vaults of the ceiling where ornate crown moldings and similar moldings boardered the door and the windows. Paintings in guilt frames where semetrically hung depicting various men, some I recognized as Presidents others I had no clue.The largest painting was on the flat wall strait ahaead and was of, of course Alexander Hamilton. This central painting was flanked by flags and on either side of these where two massive arched windows(the only two). Directly infront of the Hamilton Portrait and at the end of the main isle was an older man of about 45 with cropped greying hair, and a grey three piece suit (at that distance I could not make out much of his details) at a podium looking at me. He was flanked by three chairs on each side, all occupied by older men and women, fashionably dressed in tailored pant(men) and skirt(women)suits and they too where looking right at me. "Glad you could make it....Mr?" The man at the podium looked right up the isle at me and waited for my answer. His voice was obviously full of annoyance at being interupted. "Sorry, Sir, Um....My....Um... Name is...Richard Mathews," I said as I readjusted my pack to my left shoulder. I was very nervious. Every eye was on me and sweat dripped down my forehead, and I could feel it dribbling down my sides and back into the crack of my ass. "Well Mr. Richard Mathews, What are you waiting for? Take a packet from the table and then take a seat so I may continue." The man said with that same tone. There was a few sniggers and he looked around and they all stopped. There was silence except for my foot steps on the floor as I grabbed up a manella envelope packed with papers from a table beside the enterior of the door and made myway to the closest seat (It was an isle seat in the front row). The man said nothing for several minutes just looked at me, and then began again. "Now Since I have to repeat myself. I would like to tell Mr. Mathews to look at his Packet in his own time, and that will give him the jist of what I have already gone over, in short to summerize Hamilton University is over two hundred years old and is a leader in business education, a tribute to our name sake who as you all should know from basic elementry school history Alexander Hamilton was the founder of American Banking and was a brilliant business man, to bad that Fool Aaron Burr had to step in, but that is neither here nor there. Hamilton also has an excellent History program, English program and science program. We also have a top knoch athletics department as ,many of you may come to find out. "Now I want to reiterate that you all read the booklet concerning the rules on campus and be told once and only once that the punishments that are delt out are very severe for slackers and will not be metered out with any leniancy. As Dean of this urstwhile institution it is my job to see that all of you are treated fairly and that you all have an equal oppurtunity to advance, grow, and learn while Lolita Nymphet Pics you are being educated with in these hallowed walls. It is also the job of the administration board," he gestured to the other men and women on his sides, "as well as the various faculty. "Further more it is the policy of this institution to reward students who merit such honers in various ways, all are gone into in detail in your packets, but I will mention the Dean's list which is for the Top 3 students in any field of study. To be on the Deans list is the top honer and will I assure you open many doors for you here and after your studies have ended. "Now I want to conclude by saying that I am very proud of all of you who managed to get this far in your acedimic lives and to say that I am even happier that you chose this institution on that road to higher education. I now turn you over to Edward Brinkman, head of Student housing." With that the Dean sat in an empty chair directly behind the podium, but not before giving me one last sharp glance. Another man, slightly younger stepped up. I noticed that he was very good looking with dark cropped hair and fine features, not at all like the older, slightly more wrinkled Dean. I could also tell by the shape his suit made on him that his body was in good shape and my cock hardened in my pants, I tried to will it down, but as I looked at Mr. Brinkman it stayed at attention. "I too welcome each of you. I also want to mention that I am the Professor of Economics here at Hamilton. Some of you I know might be wondering where you will be staying if you do not already have accomidations of your own. I am the man to answer that. I will tell you that dorm assignments are posted outside in the main hall here in the administration building beside the main entrance in the foyer. Some of the dorms are Coed and some are not. Lolita Nymphet Pics In the Coed dorms I expect exeptable behavior from both the male and female residents. I will tell you that each dorm has a house mother and each floor has an advisor, all are upperclass men and women who have made top honers here and can be relied on to keep order. Also you may be wondering about joining fraturnities and sororities. For you underclass persons that is a negative, at least not til your sophmore year here at Hamilton, until then we expect top focus on your grades, and we expect all students living in the dorms, upper and lower classmen to keep to the noice rules to insure that fellow students can have time to study. "I will finish up by saying that all dorm rooms are doubles and that each of you will have a room mate, some will be bunking with upper class persons of the same gender, in the coed dorm," He looked around the room with a slight smile at the obvious disappointment on some faces. I too looked around and it was then that I noticed that beside me was the guy from the Vet. He was wearing that loose blue silk shirt, his cap and glasses in his lap to reveil dark hair and blue eyes. His face was very smooth and handsome, his body looked trim, and I had to peek at the package stuffed into tight black levies(there was an impressive bulge) On his feet were black boots. He looked at me also and smiled. I smiled and looked away back to Brinkman who went on. "Now that that is over I will introduce Rachel Timmons, Head of schedualling," and he sat. The hours passed like that, one after another the other members of the administration board came to speak, but I didn't hear much else I was to busy trying to sneek peaks at the Vet guys package and face. I had a woody in my own tight pants the whole time, and finally the Dean came back up and dismissed us, summerizing again with an admonishment to obey the rules and to remember that all classes started the next day. The other students flooded out of the room and so did the board, but not before the Dean stopped infront of me as I slipped the packet into my pack. "I advise you, Mr. Mathews, Not to be late to your classes. Due to your tardiness here I will be keeping and eye on you." With that he strolled off. I was alone in the big room, and I slowly walked out and to the main foyer. I found the list that was spoken of and was disgruntled to have to wait in line to get a look. I was all ready to be able to go back to Rob and Mels and tell them that I was moving out. I finally made it to the list, and as I stood scanning it in the crowded hall I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned with a start thinking perhaps the Dean had another thing to add to his admonishment on tardiness, but instead I saw the Vet guy standing behind me. "Hello, Mr. Richard Mathews." He moked the Deans voice with a big smile. "Hey." I had to look away so he didn't see my blush, but I Lolita Nymphet Pics am sure he must have. "Better watch it, getting in trouble on your first day isn't cool, man, but I feel for you man, that had to be embarresing. If I might ask, why where you late?" He kept smiling and looked right into my eyes. His hands in his pockets. "Umm...I had to drop my brother off someplace and then I got....(didn't know how much to say)....pulled over by the cops." I blushed again. "NO way man, bummer. You get a ticket?" "No, a warning." I lied. "That's cool. So um, you from around here?" He asked. "If your brother lives here in town I just assume...." "No, just moved here." I interupted. "I live with my brother and his wife til I get my dorm room. He, my brother Rob, is manager of the Mickie D's that opened just off campus." I don't know why I was telling him all this. I didn't know him. I didn't know his name, only that he drove a sweet ride. "Cool man, ohh by the way my name is Nicholas...Um Nick Lawson. And as for your room, your in GW dorm room 319." He gave a bigger smile and put out his hand. I took his hand and we gave eachother one good pump and let go. I noticed his hand was as sweaty as mine was. I wanted to kick myself I was never this nervious around new people back in Ohio, NEVER, but since I moved here I had been so nervious each time a cute guy was near I nearly pissed myself. As I put my hands in my own pockets I flet the hardness of my cock, still going strong as usual, Mr. Spanky Lolita Nymphet Pics wasn't nervious about this new person, he wanted to come out and play. I happened to glance down and saw Nick's pants were pretty filled out in the crotch too, and I guessed he too had a boner. I looked around and saw a hot red head behind me and guessed that must be the reason. I had seen him glance behind me. Then it hit me what he had just said. "How do you know what room I'm in, did you check my name cause I was the only other name you knew?" I asked with obvious interest. "Nope. Checked the name of my room mate when I looked up my own name, and well it was you, decided to stick around and meet you formally." He gave me a crooked smile. "SO glad to meet you roomy. The paper says we each get a key and we pick it up from the house mother when we check in at the reception desk." He stood there for a moment and looked like he was going to say more, but then only gave me a wave, and. "So I'll catch you later, Roomy, Mr. Richard Mathews." The last he moked the dean's voice again, laughed and started off. "AHHH yeah, later Nick." I waved back, but he was already going out the doors, presumably to his Vet. I just stood there by the board as the foyer filtered out. I looked up and found the sheet for GW Hall and there was my name and under it also listed to be in 319 was Nicholas Lawson. I wanted to scream. It was hard enough not getting it on with my brother when I had my own room at his house, but this HOT guy I was going to be sharing a room with. He had a boner from looking at the HOT red head and I didn't think he was going to want to see me checking him out every chance I got, but how was I going to keep from doing just that? HOW was I going to keep Mr. Spanky under control? "OHHH FUCK ME!" I blurted and although I was exited I was also kinda depressed. What kind of luck was I going to get next? If Nick did find out I liked guys would he kick my ass, and then there was the what if he ever found out I had a major thing for my own HOT bro, he'd surely kick my ass as a sick queer. Back in Ohio I had never cared much what anyone thought, but now for some reason I did. "Screw it all, I'll deal with what comes." I muttered finally and started for the doors. I looked at my watch as I came outside and realized I still had pleanty of time to meet up with Officer William D. Etgens before his girl got home. Right then I needed some man on man action to kill the beast in my pants, at least for awhile. And I headed for my car. Sorry again about no sex, but I am setting things up. Again any ideas let me know, any comments about how the story is going let me know I love to hear from you all. Blackheart415yahoo.com.
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